Remote monitoring cuts wires loose

An energy harvesting micro-generator that converts machine and plant vibration into useful electricity, enabling wireless sensors to transmit large amounts of critical data, has been unveiled by Perpetuum.

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The PMG17-100 energy harvester operates on vibration from plant or machinery running on mains frequency at 50Hz and transforms the kinetic energy of vibration into an electrical current, producing sufficient power for a low-cost wireless transmitter to send 6 Kbytes of data every few minutes, which can enable end users to make significant cost savings.

Perpetuum says that the device is simply placed on the piece of equipment, leaving installation easy, efficient and virtually instantaneous without the need for a costly plant shut down.

The technology enables wireless sensing nodes to monitor plant, processes and machinery, remotely, wirelessly and without any batteries, eliminating the need for cables.

PCB signal conditioner launches

PCB Piezotronics has introduced a compact, full-featured, benchtop signal conditioner for ICP, IEPE, and charge output piezoelectric sensors.

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The Model 482C54 signal conditioner is compatible with accelerometers, microphones, pressure transducers, force sensors and strain sensors. Additionally, it can accept a direct voltage input signal, allowing it to be used with most voltage sensor signals. The unit has been designed for use in general purpose vibration testing, as well as other engineering applications.

The model features four simultaneous operating channels, built-in charge converters, fine gain adjustment, fourth-order, 10kHz low-pass Butterworth filtering (with other filter values optional), a low noise floor, and TEDS sensor support. The unit has a frequency range of 0.05 kHz to 100 kHz, with a ±10V input voltage range and ±100 000 pC input charge range.

MAN wins E.ON deal

Three hermetically sealed turbocompressors from MAN Turbo have been ordered by E.ON UK for gas storage operations at its newly established company Holford Gas Storage.

The units comprise an electrically driven high-frequency motor with magnetic bearings and up to two turbocompressors respectively on the end of the motor. The system as a whole operates in a hermetically sealed casing referred to as a high speed oil free integrated motor (HOFIM) compressor. It thus operates without the complex interaction of gas sealing system, lube oil system, gears and couplings that are traditionally responsible for most service interruptions.

In addition, the hermetic sealing means the units produce no emissions of any kind.

Three-phase recloser enters the frame

Power transmission and distribution equipment company Joslyn Hi-Voltage (JHV) has launched the TriMod 600R, a three-phase recloser with the ability to be programmed for three-phase trip/three-phase lockout, three-phase trip/single phase lockout, or single phase trip/single phase lockout.

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The JHV TriMod 600R is the latest in a long line of Joslyn vacuum reclosers that incorporate solid dielectric insulation with no electronics in the switch. It is rated for 10 000 maintenance free operations at up to 16 kA of current interruption, and up to 800 A of continuous load duty.

The TriMod three-phase vacuum recloser incorporates a unique bladder assembly that eliminates moisture entry without heaters.

The unit has the option of replaceable current transformers with metal safety covers, which provide a safety ground barrier. JHV also includes the option of a removable side bushing option for elbow connection.

United States’ JHV said that the new three-phase recloser has field-proven solid dielectric insulation. The Cleveland, Ohio firm claims that the three-phase recloser’s vacuum interrupters negates the requirement for any usage of oil or gas.

GE Energy Jenbacher backs Sentron lube

Following a 17-month field trial GE Energy Jenbacher engines have recommended the Sentron LD 5000 premium natural gas engine oil (NGEO) developed by Petro-Canada.

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According to a statement from the company the Sentron LD 5000 is being recommended for use in Jenbacher gas engines up to 16-bar brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) output in sweet gas applications.

The field trial was conducted on a Jenbacher high pressure J616 GS-N.LC engine in a new combined heat and power (CHP) engine in commercial service at a chemical plant located in Lingen, Germany.

During the trial, the Sentron LD 5000 displayed several performance characteristics and benefits, Petro-Canada says, including no oil drain during 10 800 hours of operation, low oil consumption combined with excellent wear control, and the virtual absence of ring zone carbon and lacquer.

Throughout this SENTRON LD 5000 trial, average oil consumption ranged from 0.13 g/kWh to 0.16 g/kWh. Nick Moat, Petro-Canada’s research and development specialist for NGEOs, said: “Oil consumption was controlled at a very low level. In our opinion 0.13 g/kWh to 0.16 g/kWh is as low as you will typically see from any natural gas engine oil.”

Results and data were compiled during two inspections in which the engine was stopped and dismantled.

Shine on you crazy floodlight

Hazardous area lighting specialist, Victor Lighting, has launched the new VL64 Equal Plus zone 1 floodlight.

With the largest aperture of any front-entry floodlight on the market, the floodlight ensures excellent photometric output and provides highly effective light distribution, claims Victor Lighting.

The performance is combined with a wide ambient temperature range of -20 oC to 70 oC dependent upon lamp type, making the VL64 ideally suited to a comprehensive range of applications and has been developed for hazardous area installation in both offshore and onshore environments.

Certified for use in Zone 1 areas and ATEX Category 2 compliant, the VL64 flameproof floodlight has an extensive range of lamp options accommodating high pressure discharge lamps up to 400 W or single ended tungsten lamps up to 500 W.

Manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminum alloy (LM6), the floodlight has a pre-drilled stirrup bracket complete with aiming quadrant for easy installation.

Yokogawa reveals all

Process control and automation firm Yokogawa is to feature its full range of industrial automation equipment at the forthcoming POWER-GEN Europe 2007 event in Madrid on 26th – 28th June.

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Placing particular emphasis on the company’s VigilantPlant concept, which aims to optimize monitoring and control of processes, Yokogawa says products and systems embraced by the concept include distributed and network control systems, safety systems, recorders and data-acquisition systems, analytical instrumentation, and field instruments and transmitters.

Modelling technology incorporated within VigilantPlant also allows operators to be trained in a ‘real life’ environment and ideas for improvement to be tested without disturbing the actual system.

New cable detector

Radiodetection has announced the launch of its new RD4000PL cable and pipe locator designed for the power industry.

Based on the industry standard RD4000 platform, the device precisely locates power infrastructure, even in crowded and electrically noisy environments such as those with overhead electrical cables. Using multiple active frequencies the device has current indication and both null and zero to aid discrimination between utilities. A depth measurement is also available on both active transmitter and power signals and can be set to auto or manual modes.

The latest, patented digital signal processing techniques give the RD4000PL the ability to reject unwanted signals to a level never achieved before allowing power utility engineers not only to locate their services but also to avoid and map other utilities in the area, as well as identifying potential cable to earth sheath faults.