Equipment Roundup

MCT 2 detects stator core faults

Adwel International Ltd. has introduced its second generation of stator core fault detection systems with the MCT 2. This new instrument allows users to quickly and accurately test for stator lamination faults in generator and motors.

The MCT 2 is based on an original technique developed in the UK in the 1970s, and performs a non-destructive test for both fault detection and to check for the effectiveness of repairs. The unit is portable and can be set up quickly to help reduce downtime.

The low power requirements of the MCT 2 mean that there is no risk of damage from temperature rise in the stator compared with the traditional thermal loop test. In addition, fault locations can be pinpointed far more accurately with the MCT 2 than with loop tests.

Millennium domes

Fluor Global Services has awarded a contract for the supply and installation of a pair of aluminium storage domes to Geometrica Inc. The domes will be constructed at JEA’s Northside generating station in Florida, USA, and will be among the largest in the world.

The two domes will shelter the power plant’s fuel supplies of coal and petroleum coke. They will be equipped with an innovative interior cladding that was developed by Geometrica to provide safer coal storage, and will be completed in late 2000. Each dome will have a diameter of 122 m (400 ft) and a capacity of 60 000 t of coal.

TXU orders four FGD units for West Burton

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has teamed up with Denmark’s FLS Milj a/s to supply and install four large flue gas desulphurization (FGD) units to TXU Europe Power Ltd. The turnkey order is worth $186 million.

The contract includes the design, supply, construction and commissioning of wet limestone-gypsum FGD facilities for four 500 MW coal fired power generation units at the West Burton power station in the UK. Completion of the contract is scheduled for late 2003. Each absorber will have a treating capacity of 2 million Nm3/h of flue gas and will incorporate MHI’s double contact flow scrubber (DCFS) technology. DCFS systems achieve high desulphurization levels and dedusting efficiency with low operation costs, and are easy to maintain.

Cleaning up in Oman

Filtration solutions supplier Vokes has recently completed an equipment supply contract to improve gas turbine performance at the Salalah Power station in Oman. Vokes supplied a filter coalescer and associated equipment to the Ministry of Electricity and Water, the owner of the power plant.

The coalescer module is designed to reduce the free water and high sodium levels within the distillate fuel supply to a 20 MW GE LM2500 turbine package. Installed downstream from a duplex centrifuge, the Vokes module acts as a final polishing filter. It incorporates pre-filter and double duplex filter coalescer vessels, fully automatic changeover valves, associated pumps and pipework. Since commissioning, the unit has effectively reduced solid contamination and has brought the sodium content in the distillate fuel supply down to untraceable levels.

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