Enel-owned eMotorWerks, has launched a new way of making EV charging more accessible in public places, apartment complexes and workplaces, through the use of smart grid technology.

Using EV supply equipment and cloud software solutions together, the Juice Net Enterprise system allows fleet operators, employers, and owners of commercial and residential real estate to manage a number of chargers at multiple locations from a single Cloud-based dashboard.
eMotorWerks JuiceBox EV Charging
The integrated system is expected to reduce the cost of electrical upgrades when charging equipment is installed, while permitting stakeholders to benefit from energy savings from demand response and time of use pricing options offered by local utilities.

“Consumers spurred the EV revolution, but today charging at fleet depots and commercial buildings is becoming more critical as the electrification movement gains momentum,” said Val Miftakhov, Head of eMotorWerks. “We know people are more likely to purchase EVs if their workplaces offer charging options.”

‘Now, commercial operators can offer EV charging as an integral component of their business operations while also allowing them to keep their capital and operating costs lower than what they can achieve through traditional offerings. It is a winning combination that may help expand the proliferation of EVs even faster.”

Here are some of the advantages of the eMotorWerks Juice Net Enterprise technology:

  • Install more EV chargers without costly electrical upgrades to building infrastructure.
  • Optimize renewable energy use by coordinating charging with peak solar and wind generation.
  • Reduce onsite peak electricity demand charges by sharing loads between chargers throughout the day.
  • Allow drivers to have their vehicles charged to the desired level when needed.
  • Permit drivers to locate available chargers using the Juice Net app.
  • Shift charging times to off peak hours when appropriate.
  • Avoid mid-day demand charges.
  • Promote grid stability by coordinating charging times with local utilities.

Enel’s newly acquired division announced an expansion into Europe in March, to participate in the bloc’s burgeoning electric vehicle scene.

The expansion supports Enel’s broader plan for more robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Europe, where eMotorWerks has set up its European headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and offices in London and Paris..

The company at that time also released its JuiceBox Pro 32 EV charging station which recently secured CE certification. These products complement Enel’s public charge point solutions and fast-charging DC stations already being delivered in Europe.