Image credit: Endesa

Spanish electricity company, Endesa, will be deploying a solar PV project for Austrian multinational wood processing company Kronospan. The utility will construct two solar PV projects with a total capacity of 7.45MWp to power Kronospan’s production facilities in Burgos and Salas.

The solar PV farms will comprise 16,000 modules installed over an area of 36,000 m2, equivalent to five football pitches. The plants will be one of the largest self-consumption projects in Spain.

Once complete, the projects will generate 9.2GWh of electricity, which is equivalent to 5% of the energy required by Kronospan for its production processes. The project will help Kronospan to reduce its carbon emissions by around 3,200 tons of CO2/year, equivalent to planting 282,000 trees/year.

Endesa will be responsible for the calculation, design, manufacture, supply, transport, insurance, installation and start-up of both plants.

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The project is part of efforts by the wood manufacturing firm to leverage both energy efficiency and renewable energy to achieve its sustainability targets, as well as make a contribution to the energy transition and climate change mitigation.

In its 2021-2023 Sustainability Plan, Endesa has set the decarbonisation of energy as one of its pillars. The company plans to increase investments in renewable energydigitalisation of the power grid, and electrification of residential demand. By 2030, the utility plans to ensure that 80% of its energy mix is met using renewable energy. The company also plans to retire its entire coal fleet in mainland Spain by 2027.