Elsam backs Danish market deregulation plans

17 September 2002 – Danish utility Elsam yesterday issued a statement in support of its government’s recently published proposals to deregulate the energy market.

Elsam said the proposals contained many positive features and it supported the structural changes which enable the development of Elsam as an ordinary commercial undertaking.

Elsam supported the promotion of transparency of the electricity market. ” This is an absolute necessity if a free market is to work as intended,” Elsam said in its statement. “As a natural part of a transparent market all forms of electricity productions are traded at market conditions, which is also the essence of the proposal. Therefore, it is very important that all forms of production which today are treated as priority production are treated along the same lines,” added the company.

Elsam said that security of supply is a core issue and that once the market is running at its optimum, it will also be able to ensure the requested security of supply.

According to the proposal, the Danish Government wants more green value for its money in addition cost effective fulfilment of Denmark’s climate obligations. “It is important that Denmark does not lay down such aims
alone at a time when other countries have not yet decided on them,” said Elsam.

Elsam believes that the CO2 quota system should be
discontinued after 2003 and that it should not be resumed until all of Europe is ready to participate in the fulfilment of the objectives.

Elsam’s CEO Peter Hàƒ¸stgaard-Jensen said, “The Danish Government has presented a good discussion paper. The paper will form an excellent basis for the discussion required to turn it into a motion for a resolution and to introduce a bill. There are, however, a few areas which have been described in so general terms that it is difficult to recognize the consequences at this stage.

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