EdF tops ranking of european markets

EdF tops ranking of european markets

Electricite de France (EdF) is rated number one in a recent ranking of the league of European electricity generators, with a revenue of (US)$36.4 billion, according to the study by MarketLine, an international research organization (see table). Italy`s ENEL came in second, while the two German utilities RWE Energie and PreussenElektra ranked third and fourth in terms of size. The largest utility from a competitive environment is the UK`s National Power.

A major development foreseen in the study is the introduction of Europe-wide competition in generation. The effects of such competition will include the direct supply of industrial customers across borders in a situation where the interconnectors capacity is substantial and where the distances involved are not too great. A proliferation of independent power projects owned and operated by foreign utilities and other major energy players is also predicted.

The trend of vertically integrated utilities splitting into separate business units to introduce greater transparency and competition will continue to spill over from the UK and Scandinavian utilities and into most other European countries. For Central and Eastern Europe, this is the first step toward future privatization.

The generation fuel mix is expected to edge toward an increased use of gas, particularly in Spain, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Coal`s decline will be slowed by the introduction of clean-coal technology, with major projects already running in Belgium and Spain.

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