Dessert or desert?

Dessert or desert?

Dear Sir,

When I was in Sharjah I used to work in a desert, well it wasn`t quite a desert – it had a few buildings and a railway station. So I suppose it was a “just desert!”

I could not understand why you had a picture of an apple pie on the cover of the November issue…surely palm trees and camels would have been more appropriate.

My dictionary`s explanation of desert is:

desert…Abandon, treeless wasteland; to leave without permission

dessert…Course at the end of dinner.

Perhaps it`s too subtle for me. You can explain it when we meet.

Bill Evett

International Power Generation,

DMG Business Media Ltd.,

Queensway House, 2 Queensway, Redhill,

Surrey RH1 1QS, United Kingdom.

A: In the event that we do not meet in the near future here is an explanation that hopefully should put you out of your misery!

First of all here is my dictionary definition:

– desert1 … 1. a region that is devoid or almost devoid of vegetation

– desert2 … 1. to abandon (a person, place, etc.) without intending to return

– desert3 … 1. just reward or punishment

– dessert … 1. The sweet, usually last course of a meal.

The picture of the apple pie is representative of traditional USA. It signifies the USA as a prize on offer after deregulation; a pie that may be sliced up. The definition of desert is the third dictionary definition, the one which is pronounced as “dessert” but means just reward. I hope this explains the play on words – we like to provoke thought in our readers!

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