Denmark sets the pace for Smart Grid as strategy launched

The Danish government launched its Smart Grid strategy this week, with the aim of giving its inhabitants the opportunity to manage their own energy consumption.

The strategy combines electricity meters, read on an hourly basis, with variable tariffs and a data hub. This will enable consumers to use the power when it is least expensive.
Minister of Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard
“We have set the course for developing a smart energy network that will reduce the cost of converting to sustainable energy, cut electricity bills and create brand new products that consumers will welcome,” says Minister of Climate, Energy and Building Martin Lidegaard.

The Danes are leading the field in the EU when it comes to Smart Grid R&D and demonstration of projects. It puts them in an ideal place to take advantage of an industry expected to be worth billions of euros over the next two decades.

The minister is certainly motivated by the prospect of setting example, saying “One of Denmark‘s strengths is that lawmakers, companies and NGOs join forces in support of long-term goals. This can make Denmark into a unique laboratory and role model for other countries.”

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