Customer is key to deeper change in Europe’s energy transition

In 2020 the European citizen needs to “move on in a transitional energy sense, because we need deeper change” in the sector.

That’s the hope of Maria Francesca Talamo, of Italy’s electrical and electronic manufacturing association ANIE Federazione.

Talamo represents the smart meter sector in Italy and she stresses that “at this time we need to involve the end user in this transition period”.

“We have a massive roll-out in the electricity and gas sector and the customer has an important role to play in this challenge. At the moment they see the smart meter with fear ” they think it is a problem. People do not like change: they don’t see the benefits. We need to raise their awareness.”

The customer is key to deeper change in Europe's energy transition
Maria Francesca Talamo at the Enlit
Impact Circle in Amsterdam

Talamo also highlighted another challenge for her organisation: electric vehicles. “We are working hard with the government to improve the network but we need a lot of incentives. And also we need the charging infrastructure. These are the key points for us in the energy transition.”

She was speaking to me in Amsterdam on the sidelines of the Enlit Impact Circle, which was meeting to plan the programme for Enlit Europe, which takes place in Milan in October 27-29.

And she believes the event has a “big role” to play in highlighting the customer engagement and EV topics, as well as the wider energy transition.

“In Italy the utilities and industry are ready to show our best practices and how we can improve them. So Enlit represents a landmark for us to show our contribution and to exchange knowledge.”

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