CLE proves its worth

Recent testing at the Esso-Antwerpen cogeneration plant in Anvers, Belgium, has shown that Alstom`s combustion life extension (CLE) system can extend heavy duty gas turbine component life by 24 000 hours.

The recently developed system is designed to upgrade the combustion parts of heavy duty gas turbines. The Anvers cogeneration plant was originally commissioned in 1993.

In 1997, its Alstom Frame 6B gas turbine was upgraded with the CLE system. The gas turbine has since run continuously for two years, and after 16 000 operating hours, no wear is visible or measurable on any of the combustion parts, according to Alstom.

CLE uses a combination of coatings, contact surface hardening and other techniques to limit the effect of high temperatures and pressures on the combustion parts. The result is reduced outage costs and refurbishment costs.