Clauscentrale saves 25% with in-situ fix

For the first time the stator winding of a 630 MW generator is being repaired on site at the 1,260 MW Clauscentrale power plant in the Netherlands, according to a recent statement from Siemens.

With the aid of mobile service equipment and special logistical management techniques developed by the Power Generation Group of Siemens AG, the winding in the Unit B generator is being replaced. Performing the repair in-situ will cut costs by as much as 25 percent for Elektriciteits-Produktiemaatschappij Zuid-Nederland EPZ, the Dutch utility. Complete replacement of the winding became necessary due to damage incurred in the area of end-winding braces.

To facilitate the repair, a workshop for insulating materials and a storage tent for the new winding bars and generator stator were erected. The 84 winding bars, each weighing approximately 350 kg and measuring around eight m in length, are lifted by hand into their respective slots by 13 specialists. In spite of difficult working conditions, quality is comparable to that achievable at the manufacturing plant. Until November 1996, the generator had been on line for more than 100,000 hours. The unit was scheduled to resume operation in May 1997.