Caterpillar introduces new engines

Caterpillar Engine Division has introduced its CM Series family of engines with the introduction of the CM32 and CM43, designed for a broad range of power generation applications. The CM32 is now in production in Kiel, Germany and is expected to be ready for delivery in the second quarter of 1999. The production of the CM43 is slated to begin in 1999.

The CM32 is available in both in-line (6-, 8-, and 9-cylinder versions) and vee configurations (12- or 16-cylinder models). The CM32 is capable of running cleanly on distillate or low quality residual fuel or crude oil. The in-line version of the CM32 is rated to deliver power in the range from 2880 to 4320 kW at 600 r/min, and features a stroke/bore ratio of 1.5.

Vee versions of the CM32 engine can deliver 5530 kW to 7680 kW at an engine speed of 720 r/min, with a stroke to bore ratio of 1.31.

The CM43 is also available in both in-line (6-, 7-, 8- and 9-cylinder versions) and vee configurations (12-, 14-, 16- and 18-cylinder models). This is an all new long stroke medium speed product with a bore of 430 mm.

The in-line versions are rated to deliver power in the range from 5400 to 8100 kW at 500 r/min. Vee versions of the engine deliver 10.8 MW to 16.2 MW at an engine speed of 500 r/min. The engine has a stroke/bore ratio of 1.48 and possesses the thermodynamic characteristics required for running on crude and residual low grade fuel. At 100 per cent output, fuel consumption is measured at 175 g/kW/h while lube oil consumption is 0.6 g/kWh.