Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Enerpresse Launch European Energy Markets Deregulation Observatory

22 March, 2002 – Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Enerpresse, the French daily energy publication from the Vivendi Publishing Group, are launching a new research publication assessing the levels of deregulation across 17 European countries.

The European Energy Markets Deregulation Observatory (EEMDO), to be published twice a year, will provide the industry with factual data that goes beyond traditional deregulation-related figures and will help utilities companies better understand the changing market in which they operate.

According to the publishers, the EEMDO tackles the issues of deregulation and competition monitoring head on through a unique perspective across 17 EC members using data from over 20 European authorities and illustrating progress using comparable indicators that are relevant to the electricity industry.

This research programme follows Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s recent global survey of the utilities industry, ‘Making Deregulation Work: Have The Basics Been Forgotten?’ Released in January 2002, this survey unravelled many of the complex issues surrounding deregulation and outlined a vision for the future. This new publication represents Cap Gemini Ernst & Young’s next stage of support provision for European energy companies.

Through this initiative, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, along with Enerpresse, hopes to document an accurate overview of European energy markets by analysing short-term indicators such as liquidity, market volatility, fragmentation and availability of the offer, as well as the nature of the demand. Long-term indicators, such as present and future market impacts relative to generation and physical transportation capacities, have also been used to provide a clearer picture of the electricity industry as it reshapes and reforms across Europe. The impact of electricity companies on the environment is also judged since it is likely to play an increasing part in the European energy policies focusing on the short-term aspects of the industry.

This assessment will be refined in forthcoming editions, according to the development of competition, the evolution of the main market participants’ behaviour, and availability of data providing insights on market evolution.

“The European Observatory will be the result of publicly available data, such as information from the EU Commission, European regulators, grids and power exchanges, brought together, analysed and interpreted for use by the industry” said Joel Spaes, Enerpresse Editor in Chief. “This approach enables us to publish our findings at a pace that reflects the ever-changing nature of utilities.”

According to Philippe David, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Vice-President in charge of Utilities Market Restructuring practice in France, “This type of analysis is key to our understanding of where the industry is going – what will change, what will progress and what is likely to decline. This will indicate to companies what they must do to ensure their long term success.”

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