18 June 2002 – BFI Automation came to POWER-GEN Europe last week with the ink still wet on its certificate of compliance with tough European safety standards for its CFC 2000 – a new generation of Compact Flame Controller.

The CFC 2000 system is designed for gas and oil fired burners of any size, for continuous and selective burner monitoring but requires no additional controller or evaluation unit avoiding additional material and mounting costs.

The compact flame controller has met the safety standards according to TRD 411-414, TRD 604 acc. To EN 230 and EN 298, is TUV-tested and DIN-CERTCO and DIN-DVGW approved, CE.

“We are pleased to be presenting this second generation of Compact Flame Controller at POWER-GEN Europe, complete with the necessary safety certification,” said Jens Michael Mindermann, general manager of BFI Automation. “The CFC 2000 is unique because it has the merits of a compact system together with the functionality of a standard system plus innovations on multi fuel burners without any restrictions,” he added.