Equinor Ventures increases investment in fusion

Equinor Ventures is increasing its investment in Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) as part of the Series B funding round.


GenCell backup power

GenCell Energy presents hydrogen-based backup power tech at Enlit Europe

Green power solutions firm GenCell Energy is presenting its new hydrogen-based substation backup power solution at Enlit Europe in Milan.
carbon capture

Policy critical to unlock Carbon Capture and Utilisation in Europe

Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) is a circular process that holds great potential to decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors and maximise the use and storage of renewable energy.

The Decommissioning Gap – Key to a holistic pathway for energy transition

As the global energy system moves from the old, fossil-based, to the new, “sustainable” system, key stakeholders are realizing that replacing the old with the new is a multi-trillion Dollar challenge.
Dogger Bank with vessels - RWE _ EDF

EDF and RWE sign milestone agreement to support UK’s energy transition

EDF and RWE's deal will see clean energy capacity equivalent to the requirements of 1.2 million UK households injected into the grid.
hydrogen centrica hiiroc

Centrica acquires a stake in green hydrogen technology company

Centrica has acquired a stake in HiiROC, a firm that has developed a solution to convert biomethane and flare gas into green hydrogen.
energy flexibility

The importance of power flexibility to reach net zero

We need to drastically increase flexibility within our power systems to ensure sufficient renewables integration and achieve the world's net zero pledges and Paris Agreement goals.