London Tube

Vital Energi has been awarded the contract to develop a new district energy scheme at Southwark in central London.

The £2.6m Rouel Road project was awarded by Southwark council and the 42-week contract runs until 2014 and will involve replacing pipework which was originally installed circa 1977.
When finished, the new community energy network will connect community buildings and over 800 homes and will include the most accurate leak detection system on the market, which can pinpoint a problem in the pipework to between one and three metres. The installation will use Vital Energi’s unique “Band Muff” jointing system which is the most effective on the market and results in a pipe design life expectancy of 30-50 years.

The project is funded by the Warm Dry Safe (WDS) Capital Allocation, a five-year, £326m fund available for repair and renewal to the Southwark Council’s properties.  The majority of work is scheduled for summer months to keep disruption to the residents to a minimum.

Vital Energi has been installing district heating networks for Southwark Council for approximately 15 years and have a track record of delivering these projects with minimal impact to the residents.

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