A subsea cable some 540 nautical miles long (1000 km) will soon connect Israel and Cyprus to south-east and western Europe to satisfy the continent’s need for cheap and sufficient electricity.

The EuroAsia Interconnector will cost about $1.97bn to build and will have the capacity to transmit 2000 MW of energy along its east-west cable, selling Israel Energy Corporation’s excess electricity production to Cyprus or any other buyer further west.

Work is expected to commence within 2012 if the governments of Israel, Cyprus and Greece approve it and should be completed within 36 months, reports the Financial Mirror.

The cable will sink to as deep as 2000 metres below surface and will connect Israel with Cyprus, Cyprus and Crete, and Crete with the Peloponese from where electricity supply can be distributed to Greece or further west.

Cyprus Trade and Energy Minsiter Praxoulla Antoniadou said “Discoveries of hydrocarbons in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean come at a time of increased demand for fossil fuels by the EU, as a follow up to the nuclear accident in Japan and to consequent changes in the energy mix in Europe.

“Opportunities for investment are already arising both in activities that are directly related to the exploitation of hydrocarbons but also with reference to sectors and activities that are supportive or complementary,” she concluded.

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