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What will 2021 bring for the energy sector? Or a better question: what will the energy sector bring to 2021?

The answer is the innovation and ambition to deliver reliable and cleaner energy across the world.

Over the past 12 months, Power Engineering International has reported on several fast-developing trends in the energy space. Here’s my pick of those that I believe will gain even greater traction this year:

Hydrogen: whether it’s for power generation, heating or transportation, the race for clean, green hydrogen will accelerate considerably this year, as a host of demonstration projects kick off and others already underway move into crucial next stages.

Offshore wind: an already booming market is going to expand further and that expansion will see wind turbines going not only into waters off new countries, but also further offshore and into deeper seas. And particularly keep an eye on floating offshore wind – it has a buoyant future in every sense.

Oil & gas majors go green: Pivoting to a renewables-focused future is now top of the agenda for every oil & gas giant, and some are already delivering major projects. The oil & gas firms have decades of expertise in exploration technologies which they are now applying to, primarily, the offshore wind sector, and this will ramp up more this year as clean energy becomes for many companies their key focus.

Decarbonising commercial & industrial: The C&I sector globally will embrace clean energy initiatives, not just because there is pressure on it to do so, but because it now makes perfect economic business sense, with decentralized rooftop solar and cogeneration technologies in particular offering them a hugely attractive means of generating their own clean energy.

These are the trends that the PEi team believes are going to be making the energy headlines in 2021 and we will be tracking their progress as the year unfolds.

Until then… well, the words Happy New Year ring a little hollow at the moment: there’s not much that’s ‘happy’ about being in the grip of a global pandemic.

Nonetheless, the sentiment behind the phrase is heartfelt and as such I, and the rest of the Power Engineering International team, wish you a happier year than the one we had in the past 12 months.

Until next time,