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Vector upgrades Auckland energy network with Power Measurement

29 May, 2002 – Vector, the prime electricity network operator for Auckland, New Zealand, has embarked on a major upgrade – replacing its bulk metering system with an IONà‚® enterprise energy management system from Power Measurement of Victoria, Canada.

The high-tech upgrade provides Vector with the data to control the cost, quality and reliability of the power it delivers to its customers. The new ION system uses a combination of Internet-enabled software and intelligent metering and control devices to monitor the power and energy that enters Vector’s network from national grid operator Transpower’s eight bulk supply points.

Vector Protection and Control Manager Zhelyko Popovich expects Vector’s customers to benefit in several ways. “The ION system provides a whole new level of information and control; it manages peak demands at each supply point, verifies the quality of power delivered to the customer, and improves stability by curtailing loads when necessary. All of this helps our customers to maximize their efficiency and reduce costs, while maintaining a reliable source of high-quality power,” said Popovich.

The new system, designed and commissioned by New Zealand-based Quasar Electronics, uses ION Enterpriseà‚â„¢ software installed on multiple workstations to gather system-status and power-quality data from a network of ION 7500à‚â„¢ and ION 7600à‚â„¢ meters. According to Keith Hitchings, Quasar Managing Director, a key feature of this arrangement is the ION meters’ ability to transmit data across most communications networks. “These meters can send reports or alerts via telephone, wireless, satellite, Ethernet, or Internet networks,” said Hitchings. “This gives Vector customers and employees the freedom to monitor and review their shared system data from anywhere in the world.”