Report backs micro CHP potential in Australia

A report by Energia, Personal Power Stations: The Australian Market for Micro-Combined Heat and Power to 2021, foresees a bright future for the technology in Australia.

While the Australian market has not seen much adoption of micro combined heat and power so far, that could change as the technology matures and is proven.
à‚  The report cites the technology’s efficiency and carbon footprint as benefits. “Personal power plant technology could cost effectively provide most of Australia’s gas connected residential premises with all of their electricity and hot water heating needs at 23% to 39% of the carbon emissions of today,” the report states. reports that new developments in micro combined heat and power systems are currently undergoing testing and regulatory approval. The Nirvana Power Stick uses a Stirling engine, fuelled by propane, to produce one to four kilowatts of electrical power, and 15 kilowatts of thermal power, with system efficiency over 90 per cent. The company claims the cost will be comparable to a new boiler, with a similar physical size, as well. Added benefits include system payback in two to three years and lower CO2 emissions.

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