Peter Brotherhood participatesin Australian base-load plant

UK-based turbine manufacturer Peter Brotherhood Ltd. has secured an order worth (US)$2.07 million to supply equipment for a new high-efficiency power station under construction at Pine Creek in Australia.

An 8.25-MW Peter Brotherhood steam turbo-alternator will produce almost one-third of the station?s 26-MW output from waste heat off two gas turbines.

The steam turbo-alternator provides substantial waste heat recovery to boost the station?s overall efficiency.

The Pine Creek station is being built and operated by Energy Development Ltd. on the site of an existing power station which serves mines and the local community.

Pine Creek will be fully operational by the end of the year and will be attached to the electricity grid system which currently bypasses the area. Pine Creek will be a regional base-load generator for the grid. The old station at the site will be dismantled, with much of the equipment tagged for transfer to a power facility planned in the Northern Territory.