All news, projects, policy and regulation announcements concerning electricity generation in Australia, New Zealand and island territories forming Australasia. Tenders, power purchase agreements, renewable energy projects and energy auctions will also be included in this section.

Osborne cogen plant announced

GE Power Systems has taken a contract for approximately (US)$40 million to supply power generation equipment and services for the first privately built, owned and operated power plant in South Australia. The 180 MW, gas-fired cogeneration plant will be sited in Port Adelaide and owned by Osborne Cogeneration. Total project value will be around (US)$175 million.

Latin American countries moving independently toward a cooperative, integrated electrical future

One of the fastest growing markets in the world, Latin America is offering substantial improvements to attract top technology and investors

Merger mania rages among electric utilities worldwide

1995 saw an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions that started to reshape the worldwide electricity sector. One year later, and maybe one year wiser, we see that what started as a rush has now turned into a steady flow.

China, India, SE Asia to spend billions constructing, upgrading transmission systems

A new generation of UHV transmission systems and environmentally friendly structures are now being specified

Consortium buys Hazelwood Station

A consortium has been awarded the 1,600 MW Hazelwood Power Station and mine in southeast Australia. The coal-fired generation facility sold for approximately (US)$1.9 billion. Consortium members include Destec Energy, Houston, Texas, USA; National Power PLC, Great Britain`s largest electricity generator; PacifiCorp, Portland, Ore., USA; and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Spain most expensive country for electrictiy

Although electricity prices in Spain held steady, the nation escalated from second highest price electricity producer to the number one spot in a recent study by National Utility Service Inc. Germany held the number one expense position in the previous study; but due to price reductions in Germany, Spain topped this year`s study, which ran from April 1995 to April 1996.

Business briefs and new business

Edison Electric Institute has announced the first winners of the international "Common Goals" awards program. Korea Electric Power Corp., Alberta Power Ltd. and Tokyo Electric Power Co. were honored for their support and involvement with their customers and communities.

Foreign SCADA and EMS markets show great promise

SCADA systems are being installed and upgraded in developing countries. EMSs are also being expanded in the larger industrialized countries using the latest technological advancements

combustion engine systems grabbing niche in Asian industrial markets

Combustion-engine projects remain a viable solution for power development needs, especially for Asia`s emerging industrial markets. Textile mills, steel manufacturers, cement factories and other companies equally affected by power shortages have become prime customers for captive power applications.

Dense ash slurry benefits reported

Fly ash and bottom ash generated by coal-fired power plants are generally transported hydraulically, pneumatically or by mechanical means to ash dumps, natural ash dams or artificial ash dams. The hydraulic transport of fly ash has traditionally been done in the form of dilute slurries, containing 10- to 30-percent solids by weight.

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