Capstone launches new integrated microturbine CHP unit

Capstone Turbine of the USA has begun shipping a new combined heat and power (CHP) product based on its low emission 60 kW microturbine power system.

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Most of the 2500 Capstone MicroTurbines shipped worldwide have a separate heat exchanger. The new all-in-one system has a lower cost and footprint, with less than 50 cm added height, and offers greater power/thermal load-following flexibility.

Total fuel efficiency exceeds 80 per cent, and hardware-free 2-to-20-unit arraying is built-in.

The system has just one moving part: a turboshaft supported by patented air bearings. The vibration-free power system uses no lubricants, coolants or other hazmats. Scheduled maintenance is filter cleaning/replacement each 8000 h; minor parts at

20 000 h; and overhaul at 40 000 h. The system has a three-year warranty standard.

Capstone’s previous CHP offering was a microturbine power system with the exhaust ducted to a separate heat exchanger. The new product has:

  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Smaller footprint
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Lower product cost plus easier and cheaper install needs
  • Three-year warranty on the power system (previously one year)
  • Increased overall economic and environmental benefits.

The new Capstone C60 integrated CHP unit offers greater flexibility than earlier systems

New gauges feel the pressure

Swagelok’s new gauges are designed for use in the power and process industries

Swagelok has launched industrial process thermoplastic pressure gauges to monitor vacuum and positive system pressures of up to 15 000 psi (100 000 kPa). The gauges are designed for use in the power, chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.

Featuring 115 and 160 mm dial sizes in lower-back mount and lower mount configurations, the gauges can be ordered with male NPT or Swagelok tube adapter end connections. The tube adapter connection allows users to rotate the gauge to the desired position for viewing.

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Available unfilled or liquid-filled with glycerin or silicone, these solid-front gauges feature a thermoplastic, turret-style case and blow-out back that are corrosion resistant, for use in severe service. A threaded cover ring allows easy access to the adjustable pointer and the back plate can be removed easily for liquid filling.

Letting off steam

A maintenance service is being launched by Furmanite International Ltd. to take control of steam systems, with potential estimated cost savings of between 30 and 40 per cent.

Often a significant size, and installed when a plant is first commissioned, these systems are generally old (on average 20 to 30 years) and inefficient. Without the steam system fully operational most plants would be forced to shutdown, yet it tends to be ignored whilst it continues to produce steam.

The product is designed to improve the bottom line for the power, oil and gas and chemical industries’ process by saving money on potential steam losses. Furmanite’s steam management package incorporates initial assessment, monitoring, leak-sealing, checking conditions of insulation, checking steam traps, supplying parts, and ” using a specialist modelling programme ” identifying methods of optimizing the overall system.

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The system works by recognizing all potential steam-loss points within a plant and producing tagged Process & Instrumentation Documents. Each individual item is then logged within a unique database that Furmanite custom-builds, allowing performance to be accurately calculated. Finally, a computerized plant model is produced, highlighting clear areas for improvement, such as steam leaks or failed steam traps.

The steam management package includes assessment, monitoring, and identifying methods of optimization
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Drakelow power plant equipment lives on … and on

Forty years on from the closure of the UK’s Drakelow power station, equipment from the site is continuing to provide a valuable service for another Powergen power station.

Still in good condition after grinding coal since 1965, five mills from unit 12 at Drakelow were delivered to Kingsnorth power station in Kent over a six week period in 50 separate loads.

Staff at Drakelow were praised for the skill and speed with which they stripped down and transported the five milling units ” which included 4.5 m long, 22 t air belt separators ” to Kent.

Powergen plans to use the units as spares to help upkeep Kingsnorth’s milling plant. The kit from Drakelow will therefore ensure that the station’s proud generating tradition will be kept alive at another station for many years to come.

VerSaVac switches applications

The VerSaVac, a vacuum capacitor switch product from Joslyn Hi-Voltage, is available for switching 27 kV ungrounded and 38 kV grounded capacitor banks.

The VerSaVac uses a long-life vacuum interrupter in conjunction with the proprietary Joslyte solid insulation system to provide a maintenance-free device designed for capacitor switching. The VerSaVac also incorporates a field-proven pressure equalization system to ensure that moisture and contamination will not enter the switch over its life.

It has the ability to provide 50 000 open and close cycles. The solenoid driven operating mechanism can operate with as low as 80 VAC and provides synchronized switching (less than 4 m between all poles). This reduces the recovery voltage when the bank is being switched off, which in turn reduces the electrical stress on the insulation of the capacitor bank.

The VerSaVac vacuum capacitor switch is available for switching 27 kV ungrounded and 38 kV grounded capacitor banks
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It can be used in conjunction with the Joslyn Zero Voltage Closing Control which mitigates transients associated with bringing capacitor banks online. The ZVC control eliminates costly customer equipment damage and downtime resulting from voltage spikes. The VerSaVac can also be used with Fisher Pierce capacitor controls ranging from solid-state single function controls to state-of-the-art microprocessor based programmable units.

Keeping track of asset management

An innovative new product for managing high-value components in gas turbines in the has been launched by Power Technology, Powergen’s UK-based asset management and services consultancy.

The PT-Tracker software package provides a status checking facility for hot gas path components linked to a through-life record of their condition, location, remaining life and value.

Details of each component’s service and history are logged into one easy-to-use database ensuring that an up-to-date and accurate record is always available to support efficient and flexible plant operation, and optimise maintenance and risk.

Designed with input and experience from operators of combined cycle gas turbine plant in the UK and Europe, PT-Tracker brings together information from station operational and financial systems to give a comprehensive overview of each component’s credentials.

Gary Rowe, Power Technology’s products development manager, said: “PT-Tracker is a major advance in assisting station teams in managing the high value components in gas turbines and maximising their worth to the business. Power Technology worked closely with power stations to develop PT-Tracker. It meets the needs of engineers, planners and business managers for a single package that can keep track of all components.”

Lurgi buys exclusive license for once-through technology

Lurgi Lentjes Standardkessel Group, the alliance of four boiler technology engineering firms, has signed a licence agreement for the usage rights to once-through boilers (OTSG). The licensor is Canada-based Innovative Steam Technologies (IST), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aecon Group Inc.

The once-through boilers can utilize waste heat from gas turbines with capacities of up to 60 MW
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In combined power plants operating with once-through boilers, waste heat from gas turbines with capacities of up to 60 MWe can be utilized.

Within the scope of the licence agreement, Germany-based Standardkessel Lentjes (SKG) in Duisburg and its Netherlands subsidiary Standard Fasel Lentjes (SFL) will be exclusively offering the patented OTSG technology in all European markets as well as in the former Soviet Union and Turkish markets.

SKG serves the German market for gas turbine capacities up to 60 MWe, while Netherlands SFL is the partner for plants with gas turbine sizes ranging between 20 and 60 MWe in the other European markets, including Turkey and the former Soviet Union.

New flux cored wire is designed for welding hydro turbines

UK welding consumables specialist Metrode Products has released a flux cored wire, Supercore 410NiMo, developed for fabrication and repair of hydro turbine components cast in martensitic stainless steels.

With its Cr-Ni-Mo composition, Supercore 410NiMo is intended more specifically for welding and refurbishing turbine impellers, which require a weld deposit with hardness measurably but not excessively higher (after heat treatment) than the base material, with greater resistance to cavitation wear and sand erosion ” the damage caused by continuous pounding from high pressure water.

Metal cored or solid wires have traditionally been used for this type of application. Supercore 410NiMo flux cored wire, with the formulated chemical composition of the flux system, offers not only better operability, but also all-positional welding and less post-weld dressing ” reducing the time required to complete or repair each individual bucket.

Shielding gas can be 75 per cent Ar/CO2 or CO2 alone. This will be more economical compared with gases with 98 per cent Ar required by metal cored or solid wires. As flux cored wire and metal cored wire welding require the same equipment, switching incurs no additional capital outlay.

Metrode’s 410NiMo martensitic range includes MMA electrodes, MIG, TIG, and the Supercore. They can be used for welding hydraulic turbines, valve bodies, pump, and high pressure pipes, where hardness levels are not acceptable.

Middle East contract needs quick turnaround

Denmark’s Nordic Air, a supply and manufacturer of gas turbine air inlet filter elements, has recently won major order for Siemens GmbH in the Middle East.

Nordic Air is to supply the elements into Kuwait as part of R&M Gas Turbine’s installation of eight Siemens V94.2 160 MW gas turbines. The order, for 8120 air filter cartridge elements, is the third major order for Nordic Air in 3Q 2003 and is required on a quick turnaround time basis of eight months.

Nordic Air was chosen for the project ahead of other bidders due to its extensive experience and the excellent performance of its products in the extremely challenging filtration environment in these areas.

Nordic Air’s new facilities in Denmark, with the space to lay out existing and new equipment, has also given Nordic Air the cost control required to compete effectively on such large scale projects. The move to the new facilities, completed in August 2003, has enhanced its ability to compete and deliver to the global market place.

Nordic Air will supply the air filter cartridge elements to a new plant in the Middle East
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Filter divisions team up in the gas turbine market

The filter divisions of Germany’s Freudenberg Vliesstoffe and USA-based Pneumafil Corp., have teamed up to supply inlet filtration systems to the gas turbine market.

The partnership was announced during the POWER-GEN Europe 2003 exhibition, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The new working relationship will bring the performance and reliability of Freudenberg air filtration products with representation by direct offices located around the world together with Pneumafil’s expertise in the design and manufacture of inlet filtration systems for the power generation, process, and offshore environments.

The partnership hopes to enhance each company’s portfolio by enabling them to offer inlet filtration solutions worldwide by taking advantage of each company’s facilities in regions around the globe.

Freudenberg, through its Viledon brand of air filtration products, has been supplying the gas turbine market with air filtration products for over 40 years. Viledon filters are operating the power generation, process, and marine industries.

Germany’s Freudenberg Vliesstoffe and USA-based Pneumafil Corp. are aiming to extend their portfolios and global reach through their new partnership
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Heat detector

Detecting overheating in distribution equipment is one of the many applications for the Land Cyclops PPM+ ER, the new, competitively priced thermal imager for predictive and preventative maintenance.

The latest thermal imager from Land Instruments International is the Cyclops PPM+ ER, which is ideal for maintenance engineers on tight budgets who need a full-featured, high performance thermal imager to spot potential breakdowns around the plant.

The thermal image detector is designed to detect overheating in distribution equipment
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The new ‘Extended Range’ Cyclops PPM+ ER provides temperature measurement and thermal imaging, within the range -20 to 500à‚°C (-4 to 932à‚°F).

Furmanite uses unique machining capability for emergency work

When a turbine suffered a breakdown that resulted in the unit having to be taken out of service and emergency work performed, the problem was solved by Furmanite Australia, using a highly specialist machining tool, purpose-developed to machine turbine bearing housings.

The large capacity steam turbine had suffered damage when failure of some low pressure turbine blades caused an imbalance of the turbine rotor, which weighs over 100 t. This imbalance caused vibration and knocking of the rotor bearings, which in turn resulted in severe damage and fatigue to the turbine housings (675 mm and 712 mm diameter) that support the bearings.

Four areas of damage 200 mm wide had been created at points at 90à‚° around the internal circumference on each of the two bearing housings.

Furmanite was able to undertake the work required in-situ, using equipment that had been specially developed to machine a spherical surface ” a task clearly beyond the capabilities of most standard machining suppliers.

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Furmanite’s specialist machine featured a six inch boring bar onto which a tool saddle holding the tool bit was clamped. This rotated with the boring bar while at the same time pivoting round a centre pin, successfully machining the curved cast steel surface to remove some 5 mm to a surface finish of 6.3 à‚µ, returning the bearing housing to standard size.

Furmanite used specialist equipment that allowed it to carry out the repair work in-situ
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