Ausgrid, Australia’s grid operator, has deployed a new data management platform for its smart grid network to more accurately track network utilization and performance.

George Maltabarow, the company’s managing director, said 2300 monitoring devices had already been installed as part of the platform to obtain more reliable electricity data, with an additional 12 000 set to be added to further distribution substations over the coming months.

Maltabarow said: “This technology will make the local electricity network ‘smarter’ and more reliable, giving us a more detailed picture of how the network is performing. We will have more information about demands on the local network, allowing us to better target preventative maintenance. It will mean fewer and shorter outages”

The Smart Grid market has experienced steady growth, and the University of New South Wales is adding an extra session of its new Smart Grid short course in an effort to keep up with demands for the skills in the sector.

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