Westinghouse wins contract in South Korea

Westinghouse wins contract in South Korea

Westinghouse Process Control Inc. and its representatives in South Korea – Duon Systems Co Ltd. – have won a multi-million dollar contract to supply the Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) with the Ovation Information and Control System for Kepco’s new twin 800 MW unit facility in Yonghungdo.

Yonghungdo is being built to reduce South Korea’s reliance on oil and natural gas imports, and the new units are being constructed after the proven success of Kepco’s 500 MW coal fired units.

Under the contract, Westinghouse – a subsidiary of Emerson – and Duon will provide the complete distributed control system (DCS) for the site, selected modules from Westinghouse’s SmartProcess Optimization software, and hardware and software for a simulator and a vibration monitoring system. Duon will be responsible for commissioning and site start up of the DCS.

The Ovation system and SmartProcess modules will control and optimize both of the 800 MW once-through supercritical boilers and turbine generators at the Yonghungdo facility.

Hardware for the Ovation system will include some 18 000 I/O devices, more than three dozen remote controllers and several servers, multiple operator and engineer stations, printers and computer equipment. The software will include Emerson’s Process Management’s Asset Management Solutions (AMS) software to diagnose control valves, organize device information into a central database, and monitor field devices remotely.

Kepco plans to bring the first 800 MW unit on-line in mid-2004 and the second unit will be on-line by the end of the same year. The DCS system will be commissioned in 2003.

Fast switching during power failures

Piller GmbH, a company within the Tessag Technical Systems & Services Group, is offering the Apotrans transfer switch for consumer loads with currents rated up to 200 A and 1600 A. The unit is available in ten power ratings from 25 A to 1600 A, so that it can be optimized for user-specific power requirements.

The Apotrans transfer switch is a key element in the construction of fail-safe, interference-free power supplies for critical systems. When the incoming supply fails, the transfer switch changes over automatically to an alternative supply source.

The Apotrans transfer switch consists of two four-pole static switches with antiparallel thyristors. In normal operation one switch is connected to the preselected power supply, while the other is connected to the alternative power supply. The outputs of both the switches jointly feed the load. In the event of a fault in the preselected infeed, the Apotrans automatically changes over to the alternative feed.

The Apotrans boasts transfer times of up to 0.5 milliseconds per phase, which is imperceptible to the load. The transfer time between asynchronous infeeds is individually adjustable from 10 to 120 milliseconds.

The load transfer is effected successively without a break in the individual phases and at the current zero to ensure that no equalizing current can flow between the two infeeds. When the preselected infeed is available again within the tolerance levels, the transfer switch is automatically connected to this input.

The unit can handle up to 120 per cent of the rated load for ten minutes, up to 150 per cent for two minutes and up to 14 times the rated current for ten milliseconds.

The Etamagno S mag-drive pump is leak-free, and boasts low maintenance
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The transfer switch is equipped with an independent, redundant, microprocessor control and monitoring unit – guaranteeing the functionality of the transfer switch if any of the components fail.

KSB develops new mag-drive pump for thermal oils

KSB Aktiengesellschaft has developed the new leak-free Etamagno S mag-drive pump for handling thermal oils in heat transfer systems to DIN 4754.

The pump comprises a containment shell which is made from Hastelloy, a corrosion resistant material which causes virtually no eddy current losses. When the outer magnet assembly is dismantled, the pump’s containment shell remains in the casing where it seals off the thermal oils towards the atmosphere so that time consuming and expensive drainage of the pump can be dispensed with.

An integrated anti-rub feature protects the shell against damage.

The pump boast low maintenance due to its hard-wearing components. Its product-lubricated plain bearings are made of carbon and silicon carbide and are maintenance free.

The external rolling element bearings are greased-packed for life, ensuring long service lives of up to 25 000 operating hours and therefore long maintenance intervals. Easily replaced wear rings prevent wear on the impeller and pump casing.

The Etamagno S mag-drive pump is leak-free, and boasts low maintenance
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The standardized dimensions of the Etamagno S are in compliance with EN 733. Therefore, any thermal oil pump to EN 733 with a conventional shaft seal and a sufficiently sized motor can be converted into an Etamagno S pump with a suitable conversion kit.

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