Westinghouse to supply generation equipment in China

Westinghouse to supply generation equipment in China

Westinghouse Electric Corp., USA, has received four contracts totaling more than (US)$150 million for power generation equipment and services in China.

“They represent (more than) a decade of building trusted relationships in China, and they represent our strong commitment to China in the future,” said Michael H. Jordan, Westinghouse chairman.

One contract, valued at more than (US)$140 million, is for two 350-MW steam turbine generators and related equipment for a new plant in the Jiangsu Province. The three others are to improve efficiency of existing steam turbine generators in Zhejiang, Liaoning and Hebei.

Integrating Westinghouse`s advanced technology into existing steam turbine generator units should give power plants more output without additional fuel or pollution, according to Jordan. Another 27 similar modernization projects are expected in the near future for Long Wei joint venture, which is owned by Westinghouse and the Long Yuan Power Technology Exploitation Corp. Long Wei has 150 steam turbine generators of the same design in China.

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