A $63m 22 MW waste-to-power facility in the municipality of Lubao, in Pampanga province in the Philippines, is due to be built by Pampanga Green Management Inc (PGMI) and MacKay Green Energy.

The facility will treat 800 tonnes of refuse a day, with segregation of garbage carried out on site, according to the companies, which have signed a memorandum of agreement.

PGMI chairman James MacKay described the plant as “the most responsible way to treat municipal solid waste”.

“With our system, there will be no longer any need for landfills,” he said. “Methane and leachate issues will no longer be a problem. There will also be the production of useful by-products such as fertilizer.”

Pampanga’s governor Lilia Pineda welcomed the facility. “The livelihood that will be generated for some 300 people and being able to provide an education for children instead of having them scavenge for waste for a fee are very good benefits,” she said.

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