Vietnam expands Grid to rural proences

Vietnam News reports that more than (US)$30 million has been invested in expanding the national power grid, bringing electricity to five rural districts in Lam Dong, Song Be and Minh Hai provinces. The grid now reaches every province, with 70 percent of all communities receiving electricity.

“New hydropower plants, additional power generators and the extension of the national power grid have brought electricity to rural areas and reduced the number of power blackouts in southern Vietnam,” said Bui Van Luu, Power Co. No. 2 general director in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Minister of Energy and Power forecasts that by the year 2000, each person in Vietnam will use between 290 and 340 kWhr per year, up from the present 140 to 160 kWhr per year, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for equipment and supplies by 15 percent a year, with an estimated total value of (US)$30 million.