Vietnam electrification drive

National power utility Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has launched a campaign aimed at increasing rural electrification in the country and also raising awareness of energy conservation. EVN will link 350 communes in northern provinces to the national grid and will step up publicity to make people aware of the need to conserve energy.

EVN is planning to make electricity available throughout the whole country by the end of 2000, with 60 per cent of farmers having sufficient supply for production as well as household use. While the utility says that it is on schedule to meet these targets, many areas of the country will face power shortages this summer due to drought. Emphasis will be on power conservation measures, and investment on power plants and existing network.

• The Asian Development bank issued a tender for technical assistance for the Se-San 3 hydropower project in Viet-nam. The project involves examining financing options, a review of the technical feasibility study and, technical and environmental assessments.