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Vaisala in gas analysis deal with China utility

Environmental and industrial measurement company Vaisala has supplied Chinese utility Zhejiang Zheneng Electric Power with two gas analysis monitors.

The Optimus OPT100 dissolved gas analysis monitors have been installed at Zhejiang Zheneng’s facility in the city of Shaoxing, eastern China, from which it supplies electricity to the province of Zhejiang.

The units continuously collects and analyzes samples of transformer insulating oil to identify trends in the oil condition that indicate emerging faults that could lead to outage.

Unscheduled power outages are a significant threat for power utilities, resulting in equipment damage, revenue losses, reputational harm and costly reactive maintenance and repair.

Vaisala estimates that around half of all power transformer faults can be prevented using online monitoring, to support continuous analysis of the trends in a transformer’s health.

At the facility in Shaoxing, the OPT100’s analysis of the amount of hydrogen and other key fault gases in transformer oil was compared with traditional DGA methods, which involves technicians manually collecting samples for analysis in a laboratory. Vaisala said the numerical trend recorded by the OPT100 was found to be completely consistent with the manual sampling results, and were delivered in real-time through a browser-based user interface.

“The OPT100 provides data that accurately reflects the operational status of our transformers and it never results in a false alarm,” said Pan Shenghua, vice-director of the Equipment Management Department at Zhejiang Zheneng.

“Our long-term testing demonstrated the high-quality and reliable nature of the device, and Vaisala’s site personnel showed great attention to detail throughout the installation and commissioning process.”

Pekka Ravila, vice-president of Industrial Measurements at Vaisala APAC, said: . “The performance tests carried out with Zhejiang Zheneng confirm the significant advantages that online monitoring has to offer power producers and other utilities, as well as its ability to quickly and accurately assess the condition of transformer oil and help prevent major failures.”