Some 32 electric, natural gas or multi-utilities have made the top 100 of a list of the 250 biggest energy companies in the world.

The Platts Top 250, which is calculated on asset worth, revenues, profits, and return on invested capital, was dominated – as you might expect – by oil and/or gas exploration and production companies. Exxon Mobil was top, followed by Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Gazprom and Statoil.

The highest ranking utilities were France’s EDF, Centrica, and Spain’s Iberdrola, at numbers 29, 30 and 31 respectively. National Grid was 33rd and Germany’s RWE 42nd.

However the biggest year-over-year leap by any utility was made by Germany’s E.ON, which jumped from 144th to 36th place, boosted, said Platts, “by domestic nuclear policy and margins on wholesale gas”.

Platts also ranks the world’s fastest-growing energy companies and nine Asian utilities and independent power producers made the top 50 list, while European and US utilities and generators did not.

The highest ranked utility in the fastest-growing list was China Resources Gas Group at number four (oil & gas outfit Cairn India was number one).

Of 15 Chinese companies among the 50 global fastest-growing firms, six were electric power, natural gas or IPP companies, further proof says Platts that “industrial and urban expansion in China remains a potent driver of global commodity prices”.

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