Thai CHP plant gets GE water treatment

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GE’s advanced water treatment technology will help purify water at IRPC Public Company Limited’s new CHP plant in Rayong, Thailand.
Thai flag map
GE’s ZeeWeedà‚ 1500 ultrafiltration membranes, reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodeionization (EDI) technologies will be used to make high-quality demineralised water for boiler feed water and to reduce the use of chemicals.

GE will provide the technology to Toyo Thai Company Limited, which is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor on the project.

IRPC is one of the leading integrated petrochemical companies in Thailand, and its CHP plants serve petroleum and petrochemical plants at its industrial park in Rayong Province, located about 200 kilometers east of Bangkok. Its newest plant, CHP II, will use GE pressurised hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membranes, EDI and a customised RO system to reduce chemical consumption by approximately 99 percent compared to conventional ion exchange technology.

Once completed, CHP II will have a capacity to treat 315 m3/hour of water, which will be the largest capacity of ultrafiltration, RO and EDI in Thailand. The facility is expected to begin commercial operation in October 2014.

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