On the edge of the Malaysian jungle, 60 km from the city of Johor Bahru, a Scania-powered diesel generating set is providing standby power for a factory producing sake for export to Japan.

In conjunction with a major Japanese brewer, Malaysian development company BigWest Industries has set up a 4000 m2 fermentation facility to produce the renown Japanese beverage. Raw, uncooked rice from local sources is cooked in huge stainless steel vats, allowed to cool, mixed with yeast and then fermented for several days to produce a concentrate that is then shipped to Singapore for further processing.

The Scania genset ensures reliable supplies at the sake manufacturing plant in Malaysia
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The cooking and fermentation procedure is a continuous process requiring reliable power supplies. BigWest therefore decided to install a standby generator and opted for a Scania DS11 turbo-charged diesel engine coupled to a Leroy Somer brushless alternator to meet its needs.

The genset provides the factory with a continuous standby supply of 200 kW, 250 kVA at 0.8 power factor, sufficient to cater for 80 per cent of the facility’s essential load.

Politics go green

The new Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh is to be equipped with a micro-turbine Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system to meet its power and heating needs.

The unit, manufactured by Bowman Power, is currently being installed on site. It is a Bowman MTG (micro turbine generator) cogeneration system generating 80 kW of electricity and 150 kW of thermal energy. All energy produced on site will be used to supplement that of other green initiatives.

Chris Armitage, Managing Director of Valiant Energy, one of Bowman’s UK distributors, said, “We’re very pleased to have won the tender to supply CHP to this prestigious project. The Bowman unit will augment other energy efficient means of providing heat, light, cooling and power to the site.”

The new Scottish Parliament building has received high praise for its environmental credentials
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An interim independent assessment of the site carried out by the Building Research Establishment gave an Environmental Performance Index score of ten out of ten.