The latest power industry contract for SIPOS Aktorik, the specialist supplier of variable speed electric actuator solutions, is at E.ON’s Franken 1 power plant in Nuremberg-Gebersdorf, Germany.

The project demonstrates the full scope of SIPOS expertise, which includes on-site support. Within the scope of the replacement of the 790 MW power plant’s control system, which will be managed by Siemens, SIPOS will install approx. 200 actuators / valves.

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The company’s remit extends to delivery plus dismounting old and mounting new valves with actuators. SIPOS will collaborate closely with Siemens in the commissioning of complete units.

The application is significant for SIPOS as it confirms the company’s capability to provide a comprehensive partnership service. Commenting, Heinz Mueller, the Siemens Project Manager responsible for delivery of the new control system at Franken said: “We attach great importance to matching components and services from delivery through to commissioning and for the capability of one provider to offer a one source service. ”

Primary reasons cited by Siemens for the selection of SIPOS were the company’s partnership capabilities that extend beyond the supply of actuators. Additionally, SIPOS’ customer service credentials confirmed that the retrofit would be completed within a demanding time frame and led to the appointment of the actuator supplier.

A further advantage of SIPOS’ offer was the technology’s variable speed capability: SIPOS says that its actuators have a unique capability of slowing down before reaching their end position. Siemens said that this feature proved particularly attractive for this application as the solution extends the life of both the valve and its seat.

Boltight simplifies rotor through bolt tensioning on gas turbine compressors

Boltight, a global leader in bolt tensioning systems for the power generation industry, has designed a unique set of bolt tensioners for improving the assembly and tightening of through bolting on gas turbine compressors.

Achieving the correct tension is critical to the safe and reliable operation of gas turbine compressors. By delivering accurate, precise and repeatable bolt loading in line with OEM calculated load specifications, Boltight says that its tools help to minimize risk of rotor operational problems, expensive remedial work and costly downtime. The tools are ideal for both new manufacture and service environments.

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Key features include a compact and lightweight design that is easy to use whether selecting 25 per cent, 50 per cent or a 100 per cent system for simultaneous bolt tensioning. Users can achieve uniform compression of the rotor stack with complete confidence, improving workflow and overall productivity.

All Boltight tools use low friction long life composite material seals that need little maintenance and simplify piston retraction.

Even after prolonged use the seals remain firm, do not get dislodged and are low maintenance. The rotor tools also feature positive stop, automatic piston retraction and nut rotation gear drives.

Boltight director, Fred Heaton, said: “Having worked with the power generation industry for many years, we understand the critical nature of through bolting and the cost of getting it wrong. Whatever the requirement, our rotor tooling delivers fast and reliable bolt tensioning. With our support, the customer can be confident the job is being completed correctly first time, every time.”

Boltight tools conform to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive and are CE marked so the customer can be confident that the equipment conforms to stringent safety standards. A comprehensive health and safety, operating and maintenance manual is also provided with the tooling.

Swagelok expands temperature measurement device offer

Swagelok announced today the addition of bimetal thermometers and thermowells for general industry to its product offering. The products expand Swagelok’s existing line of temperature measurement devices, which includes thermometers and thermowells for sanitary applications.

The dampened-movement bimetal thermometers operate in measurement ranges from -70 to 540 °C and are available in adjustable-angle, centre-back, and lower-back mount process connections. Every Swagelok thermometer is factory calibrated. In addition, the products feature external reset for field calibration.

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“Our customers depend on Swagelok products to provide high integrity measurement and tighter process control of their systems,” said Bill Menz, market manager for process instrumentation. “The addition of thermometers and thermowells for general industry is a natural complement to our existing product line.”

The dampened-movement bimetal thermometers are accurate to ±1 per cent of full scale in accordance with ASME B40.200 and are actuated by a sensitive bimetal helix coil. Silicone-free gel in the thermometer stem dampens vibration effects. To prevent fogging and moisture damage to working components, the dials are hermetically sealed.

Swagelok thermowells for general industry are designed to protect the thermometers from contact with viscous, pressurized, corrosive, or abrasive process fluids. They also enable removal of thermometers for replacement or service without affecting the process or system.

Swagelok thermowells feature standard 304 stainless steel construction, and 316 stainless steel upon request. The product is available in straight, reduced, and tapered shaft designs. Instrument connections include 1/2 in. female NPSM straight and female G1/2B connections. Process connections include flange, sanitary clamp, threaded, and weld socket in 1/2 to 2 in. sizes. Thermowells for sanitary applications are 3-A compliant.

AMSC expands business in India with license to Inox Wind

American Superconductor Corporation’s wholly owned AMSC Windtec subsidiary has licensed its proprietary 2 MW doubly-fed induction wind turbine design to Inox Wind Limited, part of India’s Inox Group (Inox).

The license provides Inox with the right to manufacture and sell the wind turbines globally. Inox will start production of the 2 MW wind turbines in 2010.

In addition to providing licensed designs to Inox, AMSC will help the company localize the supply of key wind turbine components, establish its manufacturing line, and build and test Inox’s first prototype wind turbines.

AMSC will receive an upfront license fee as well as royalty payments. AMSC also will provide the electrical systems for the 2 MW wind turbines manufactured by Inox. Inox has a diverse line of businesses, more than 4500 employees and nearly $600m in annual sales. The company owns and operates several wind farms in India.

“The Inox Group of Companies has established technology leadership positions in a range of sectors,” said Deepak Asher, Director of Inox Wind Limited.

“We expect to make major investments in our wind energy business in the coming years, and we look forward to forging a close, long-term relationship with AMSC as we grow our manufacturing operations.”

Inox is AMSC’s second wind turbine manufacturing customer in India. In 2008, AMSC Windtec licensed a 1.65 MW design to Ghodawat Industries.

Megger has the definitive test for transformer insulation

With the new IDAX-300 test set from Megger, the condition of the insulation in power transformers – a key indicator of future reliability and performance – can be easily, quickly and accurately assessed.

Information provided by the instrument is an important aid for optimizing the service life of costly power transformers. The test set is also suitable for assessing the insulation condition of bushings, cables, motors and generators.

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The innovative IDAX-300 is based on frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS), which is also known as true dielectric frequency response testing. This well proven and dependable technique is now available in a self-contained, field portable unit with USB and LAN communications, allowing convenient, remote controlled testing, data retrieval and analysis.

By using FDS, which involves measuring the capacitance and tan delta/power factor of insulation at multiple frequencies, the IDAX-300 is able to evaluate not only the condition of the oil in a transformer, but also the condition of the solid insulation.

This gives a much more comprehensive and dependable indication of the transformer’s overall health than traditional test techniques. FDS also offers the additional important benefit that tests can be performed at any temperature.

The latest in the range of FDS test sets from Megger, the IDAX-300 is complemented by new software that has been specifically designed for ease of use, and which allows moisture assessment of the insulation in a transformer to be completed in just 18 minutes.

Weighing less than 5 kg and capable of operation from battery or any 50 Hz or 60 Hz supply in the range 90 V to 265 V, the IDAX-300 is equally suitable for use in the laboratory, the workshop or on site. It is supplied in the form of a complete ready-to-use kit that includes the instrument itself, a set of 9-m cables plus other equipment.

SeaZone supports E.ON’s offshore wind farm developments

Detailed marine mapping from SeaZone is helping E.ON plan and deliver offshore wind farm projects across the UK.

Using HydroSpatial, SeaZone’s digital marine map, E.ON has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of UK coastal areas to assess the potential for offshore wind farm developments in the UK and to get a better understanding of the most suitable locations. The UK government is aiming to generate enough energy from wind to power 15m homes by 2020.

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E.ON is one of the UK’s leading developer, owner and operator of wind farms in the UK with 21 operational sites located from Cornwall to Northern Ireland. E.ON is also midway through the construction of Robin Rigg offshore wind farm in Cumbria and has recently been given the green light, with partners DONG Energy and Masdar, for the London Array which, once complete, will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm, providing enough energy to power 750 000 homes.

The completion of this mapping project prior to the announcement of Round 3 wind farm development by the Crown Estate helped E.ON to be proactive in its discussions with the awarding authority. Armed with intelligence derived from the SeaZone base mapping and other information E.ON was able to demonstrate that it had an understanding of potential development constraints within their bid submissions.

“Using SeaZone HydroSpatial we were able to develop a detailed base map of UK coastal areas for use in our geographical information system (GIS),” said Toby Lee, Senior Project Developer. “This proved very helpful in the preparation of bids for Round 3.”

SeaZone Hydrospatial is the first “off the shelf” authoritative digital marine mapping, engineered and maintained from raw material from hydrographic offices and other data agencies. HydroSpatial provides reference information comparable with land mapping and is designed for easy access and cost effective use in desktop and web GIS. SeaZone Hydrospatial consists of six topic layers including Bathymetry and Elevation, Natural and Physical Features, Structures and Obstructions, Socio Economic and Marine Use, Conservation and Environmental Protection and Climate and Oceanography.

Magnox South selects Promanex for decommissioning work

Promanex (Total FM & Environmental Services) Limited, one of the UK’s leading facilities management companies, has been awarded a long-term contract – up to five years for the facilities management of Magnox South’s portfolio of five nuclear power stations that are all in different stages of decommissioning.

Under the contract, Promanex will be responsible for providing a range of innovative support services to the nuclear power stations at Berkeley in Gloucestershire, Hinkley Point A in Somerset, Sizewell A in Suffolk, Bradwell in Essex, and Dungeness A in Kent.

Promanex will provide an integrated facilities management solution that offers a wide range of support services that include cleaning, catering, security, grounds maintenance, waste and recycling management, graphic design, and buildings maintenance.

Chris Scott, Nuclear Portfolio Manager at Promanex (Total FM & Environmental Services) Limited said: “Promanex are delighted to have been re-awarded the contract to deliver facilities management services for Magnox South, with whom Promanex has had a positive working relationship for over six years. The award recognises the strength and ability of Promanex to deliver greater value adding services that continually exceed client expectations.”

Promanex (Total FM & Environmental Services) Limited is part of the Promanex Group of trading companies that also comprises Promanex (Civils & Industrial Services) Limited and Promanex (Construction & Maintenance Services) Limited.

Together under one banner, Promanex is one of only a few industrial support service companies which can directly deliver the vast array of support services that span traditional FM, asset management, and repair and maintenance services.