Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever

Junior Isles

Managing Editor

Try to blank out the visions of John Travolta dancing under the disco lights in ill-fitting trousers. A colleague from Malaysian utility TNB was drawing attention to what they call “Saturday night fever,” the regular demonstrations that take place in Kuala Lumpur every Saturday. While Asia has been under its own spotlight since the beginning of the financial turmoil, recent events have seen that spotlight become more focussed on a couple of countries in the region.

He spoke at length of the country`s efforts to reduce emissions from the use of fuel oil and lignite, as well as the increased use of natural gas from its neighbouring countries.

The general message was green, green, green – but I think the gentleman sitting to my right took the message too literally. If I can extend a word of advice to him – green maybe the colour for future generation but it doesn`t really work with socks.

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