Rolls Royce owned company wins $70m worth of power contracts

Bergen Engines AS, trading as Rolls-Royce Reciprocating Power Systems, has secured orders with a combined value over $70m to supply 26 Bergen engines, associated power plant equipment and design services to customers in Bangladesh and Indonesia to increase electrical power generation.

The orders included a $45m contract to supply 16 B32:40V16 engines to Energypac Power Generation Limited in Bangladesh.

The units will be installed at the Chittagong power station, generating 108 MW of power to be fed into the Bangladesh national grid.

In addition there is provision for a $21m contract to supply 6 B35:40V20 gas engines to Midland Power Co Limited, an independent power producer in Bangladesh, for installation at its Ashuganj power station. The units will produce 56 MW of power to be fed into the Bangladesh national grid.

Other contracts include the supply of a B35:40V12 gas engine to Shun Shing Power Pvt Ltd in Bangladesh and three B35:40V20 gas engines to add 24 MW of power to a power generation plant on the Indonesian island of Batam.

Following the acquisition in 2011 of the German industrial engines group Tognum by a 50/50 joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Daimler, in January 2012 the ownership of Bergen Engines transferred from Rolls-Royce to Engine Holding GmbH, the joint venture company.

Graham Gate, Vice President – Bergen Engines said: “Many countries in Asia face a pressing need for reliable and affordable power generation to support their economic growth. Our efficient power generation technology, underpinned by localised technical support, enables us to meet the needs of our expanding customer base in the region.”

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