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Rolls-Royce delivers bushing

Rolls-Royce delivers bushing

One of the largest bushings in the world has been delivered to Shenyang Transformers by Rolls-Royce, UK. The 1,100-kV bushing will be used in a single-phase test transformer for ultra-high voltage transmission research. The bushing, 7.3 meters tall, entered service in March. It is used to carry high-voltage conductors through an earthen barrier, such as a wall or metal tank. It provides electrical insulation for the rated voltage and for service over-voltages while serving as a mechanical support for the conductor and external connections.

Rolls-Royce has also signed a joint-venture agreement with Fushun Electric Porcelain Works in Liaoning Province, China. The new company, Fushun & Reyrolle Bushing Co. Ltd., will be based at Fushun and will manufacture smaller high-voltage condenser bushings for the rapidly developing transformer market there.

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