Report details engine-based power potential

Report details engine-based power potential

A new report from SFA Pacific Inc. addresses the prospects for engine-based power generation. The report, “Engine-Based Power Systems–A Worldwide Technical Market Analysis,” assesses the opportunities provided by the worldwide trend in power deregulation to deploy engine-based power systems. The rapidly growing use of combustion turbines and reciprocating engines for power generation attests to their overall competitiveness and to the ability to meet the strictest environmental regulations and customer performance needs, according to the report. In addition, engine-based power system cycles can be much more efficient than traditional steam cycles.

The report concludes that the largest market prospects for engine-based power systems are in Asia, where the local utility companies are not able to keep pace with rapidly increasing industrial, commercial and residential power needs. Where gas is unavailable, distillate or residual fuel oil are the fuels of choice in diesel engines. Where natural gas is available, combustion turbine-based combined cycle plants are the choice for larger installations. Spark-ignited and dual-fuel reciprocating engine systems are less expensive in the small plants, and also compete successfully in the intermediate size range with combustion turbines.

Engine-based power systems fit well into the prospective markets for distributed generation (DG) which is currently being promoted in the USA. There are niche markets for DG, however its large-scale introduction is hampered by pending power industry deregulation and competition. More information is available from SFA Pacific at +1 (415) 969-8876, phone, or +1 (415) 969-1317, fax.

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