LONDON, Dec. 26, 2000 (PRNewswire) — PSEG Global and Marubeni Corporation announced today that they have bought Sithe’s interest in Carthage Power Company, the Tunisian special purpose company set up to develop, own and operate the 471 MW combined-cycle generation plant in Rades, Tunisia.

Following the purchase of such interest, PSEG Global increased its ownership in Carthage Power from 35 percent to 60 percent and Marubeni increased its shareholding from 32.5 percent to 40 percent.

In addition, PSEG Global is assuming Sithe’s contract rights and obligations for management of construction and ongoing operation and maintenance of the plant.

“PSEG Global is increasingly interested in managing the day-to-day operations of our assets,” said Michael Thomson, president of PSEG Global. “We have seen greater return and more efficient operations in assets we control than in ones where we simply are a minority partner. This is part of a larger strategy to increase our ownership in select projects around the world.”

“PSEG Global is excited to be assuming the lead management role in the Rades II plant,” said Matthew McGrath, Vice President in charge of PSEG Global’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Region. “Tunisia’s welcoming environment to U.S. foreign investment and the professionalism and high degree of cooperation we have encountered at every level of the Tunisian Government have encouraged us to increase our exposure to the country.”

Masumi Kakinoki, Senior Vice-President of Marubeni Europower Ltd, the London based subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, and the entity responsible for Marubeni investments in the European, Middle East and African region said, “With this move Marubeni is further strengthening its potential for energy business and to have a balanced electricity investment portfolio worldwide. A significant shareholding by Marubeni in the Rades II in Tunisia is an important step towards Marubeni’s longer term goals of increased IPP business and asset acquisitions in the Middle East and African region.”

The plant is scheduled for operation in third quarter of 2001. Alstom is the EPC contractor for the plant and Societe Tunisienne d’Electricite et du Gaz (STEG) will be the fuel supplier for the plant and off-taker for the power from the plant.

Financial terms of the sale were not released.

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