PowerSenoko orders GT26

PowerSenoko Ltd has awarded ABB a turnkey contract to convert an oil-fired steam power plant in Singapore to a gas-fired combined cycle plant.

The repowering involves the modernization of the existing steam turbine and the replacement of an oil-fired boiler with a GT26 advanced gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator. Most of the existing civil infrastructure will be re-used.

The first phase of the project will involve the conversion of one 120 MW unit into a 360 MW unit. ABB has the option to convert two other similar units. Commercial operation of the first unit is scheduled for early 2001.

The value of the contract under the first phase is approximately $180m including a six year operation and maintenance contract. Natural gas will be used as the main fuel and diesel oil as a backup fuel. The total cost of repowering the three units will be $670m.

The repowered plant will have an efficiency of 50 per cent, 14 percentage points above its present efficiency.