Powerful diesels pass test-bed trials

The new Sulzer 11-cylinder diesel engine has successfully completed its test-bed trials in Japan. The Sulzer RTA96C two-stroke engine has a nominal maximum continuous output of 60,390 kW at 100 rev/min. Built under license by Diesel United Ltd. at its Aioi works, it was tested in a joint collaboration between Diesel United and Wärtsilä NSD Corp.

The engine is the first of the 11RTA96C types that were contracted for installation in container ships being built at Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Company Ltd. (IHI) for NYK Line. In the ships, the engines will have a contracted maximum continuous output of 53,300 kW at 94 rev/min. The power output of the 11-cylinder engine was surpassed this fall by the first of four 12-cylinder Sulzer RTA96C engines for container ships being built at IHI. The 12-cylinder engines, also being built at Diesel United, will be rated at their full maximum continuous output of 65,880 kW at 100 rev/min.