All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Asia and Asia-Pacific, with a specific focus on news out of Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Taiwan and Malaysia. News and updates from the Asian Development Bank and Green Transformation fund concerning investments, as well as updates on the Asian energy transition, renewable energy integration, fossil fuel use, tenders and auctions within Asia will also be included.

Construction begins on Three Gorges Dam

Construction is under way on the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China, and businesses from throughout the globe are being invited to participate in the historic undertaking. When completed in the year 2009, the dam is expected to hold 26 sets of 700-MW turbines and generators, with the capacity to generate 18,200 MW of electricity. Prime Minister Li Peng said China does not have the funding or the technology to complete the dam without outside assistance.

Line links Vietnamese grids

A 500-kV transmission line between a hydroelectric station north of Hanoi and the southern region of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is completed and expected to reduce acute electricity shortages in the southern portion of the country. The line represents a first step toward interconnection of the three independent regional grids in the country.

Haxime of Korea buys photovoltaic capability

Haxime Chemical Corp., Samchok, Korea, has purchased the SPI-LINE photovoltaic module manufacturing line of US-based Spire Corp. In addition to supplying Haxime with equipment for photovoltaic module lamination, solar-cell tabbing, cell interconnection, cell-array transfer, and testing of cells and modules, Spire provided training and technical support in a variety of areas from process technology to material supply.

Westinghouse to supply generation equipment in China

Westinghouse Electric Corp., USA, has received four contracts totaling more than (US)$150 million for power generation equipment and services in China.

AEP intends to build largest coal-fired generating units in Asia

AEP Resources International Ltd., Columbus, Ohio, USA, is working to form a joint venture with the Northeast China Electric Power Group to construct two 1,300-MW coal-fired electric generating units in Suizhong. The facility, scheduled for completion in 2000, is to house the largest coal-fired generating units in Asia.

China exports electricty

China is exporting electricity to a neighboring country for the first time, since opening a transmission line from Erenhot City to Dzamyn Ude City in Mongolia. The 10-kV line is 16.5 kilometers long and was built as a joint project of the two countries. The Erenhot Electricity-Supplying Bureau can now provide 10 million kWhr of electricity to Mongolia each year.

Stewart & Stevenson generators going to China and Malaysia

Stewart & Stevenson Services Inc. will supply six gas turbine-powered electrical generators and related services to Malaysia and China. The firm recently signed two contracts totaling more than (US)$70 million--one for three turbine power generators to Enron Corp. for a 150-MW project in Hainan province in China and the other for three gas turbine generator sets for the Sabah Electricity Board. The generator sets, rated at 20 MW, will be installed at job sites on the island of Sabah, Malaysia, t

Philippines looks to geothermal

For clean, reliable power supplyFor the last several years, acute power shortages in the Philippines have posed a threat to economic progress, as blackouts and brownouts of up to 10 hours a day have interrupted commercial activity, causing unemployment and costing the developing country an estimated (US)$1 billion annually.

POWER-GEN Americas 94 focuses on change and competition

"Toto, I have a feeling we`re not in Kansas anymore," said Christopher Maloney, Mission Energy Co. director of business development. Maloney spoke during a session entitled "A Brave New World: Who will Survive?" during the POWER-GEN Americas `94 conference held Dec. 7-9, 1994, in Orlando, Fla.

Stone & Webster consults, provides design services in Asian countries

Stone & Webster Engineering Corp., USA, provides consulting services to the East China Electric Power Design Institute for the design of the turbine island for two 600-MW pressurized water reactors for the Qinshan Nuclear power station in China.

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