All news, reports, projects, policy and legislation impacting the power and energy generation sectors in continental Asia and Asia-Pacific, with a specific focus on news out of Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Taiwan and Malaysia. News and updates from the Asian Development Bank and Green Transformation fund concerning investments, as well as updates on the Asian energy transition, renewable energy integration, fossil fuel use, tenders and auctions within Asia will also be included.

Harza, AEP contract for Ertan transmission system

Harza Engineering Co. and AEP Energy Services Inc., both US-based firms, agreed to oversee engineering services for a 1,700-mile, 500-kV transmission project for Sichuan Electric Power Administration of China. The Ertan Hydroelectric Station is located on the Yalong river near East Panshihua City in Sichuan Province. The station contains six generating units with a total installed capacity of 3,300 MW.

Private ownership of electric power is more efficient and reliable than...

Worldwide, developing countries are now finding the advantages of privately owned and operated electric power plants

GE reports milestones in Asian power projects

GE Industrial & Power Systems Asia has reached milestones in delivery and commercial start-up for several significant Asian projects including the 2,500-MW Black Point plant in Hong Kong, Tokyo Electric Power Co.`s Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) plant, the Tokyo Electric Yokohama advanced combined-cycle plant and the Port Dickson Independent Power Project in Malaysia.

Construction begins on Three Gorges Dam

Construction is under way on the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China, and businesses from throughout the globe are being invited to participate in the historic undertaking. When completed in the year 2009, the dam is expected to hold 26 sets of 700-MW turbines and generators, with the capacity to generate 18,200 MW of electricity. Prime Minister Li Peng said China does not have the funding or the technology to complete the dam without outside assistance.

Mitsubishi opens New Delhi office

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, has opened an office in New Delhi to provide support in the company?s exporting and business development, along with surveys of market information and local prospects.

Chinas Huaneng Power Generation Corp. will double its installed capacity by...

The China Huaneng Group, based in Beijing the Peoples Republic of China, was formed by the Chinese government in October 1988. Its primary role is to develop and manage the country`s electric power and coal and raw materials. However, the group is also engaged in high technology development, utilization of resources, trade, finance and real estate. Today, the China Huaneng Group consists of 11 member corporations and more than 200 subsidiary companies.

Tomorrows energy: Todays challenge

Aware of its past and dealing with its problems in the present, the global power industry is poised to solve its future problems now

Siemens posts record sales in fiscal 94

Siemens is pushing to increase its share of the world energy construction market through a new subsidiary, fresh partnerships and a new view on plant design.

B&W picks up Yangzhou power plant project contract

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) will provide boilers and steam generation equipment for the Yangzhou power plant project in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. The contract is from China National Machinery Import & Export Corp. and will be financed by the World Bank. It is valued at approximately (US)$155 million.

Ahlstrom contracts for Thailand cogen plant

A. Ahlstrom Corp. has signed a contract with Thai Kraft Paper Industry Company Ltd. to deliver a cogeneration power plant for the Wang Sala mill, north of Bangkok, Thailand. Commercial operation is scheduled for summer 1996.

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