Nine per cent rise in China power demand forecast

23 September 2002 – China’s power consumption may grow 8.7 per cent to top 1.596 trillion kWh for the whole of this year, analysts said.

According to the State Power Corporation, power grids under State control plans to newly install 14 000 MW this year. With other capacities out of the State control taken into consideration, the newly installed capacity this year is likely to exceed 18 000 MW.

Regional consumption of power will be uneven in the latter half of this year. Demand in East China will go on growing rapidly, that in North China will grow at a speed slightly slower than the country’s average level and that in Central China area (including Sichuan and Chongqing) will drop in growth. Demand in Northeast China is forecast to maintain a low-speed growth and that in Northwest China will maintain the same growth as in the first half.

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