New website offers air travellers emissions offsets

13 September 2002 – 500 PPM today announced the opening of a website that allows the general public to offset harmful carbon dioxide emissions they create through air travel.

Users can calculate and then neutralise these emissions online by purchasing verified emission offsets from emission reducing projects in South Africa, Brazil, India and Jamaica. The website address is

500 PPM has launched this website in support of the objectives of the World Summit that closed last week. The risks of climate change, sustainable protection of the environment and the financing of sustainable development were integral to the conference proceedings. This initiative is a practical way to enable the public to help address greenhouse gas emissions from international air travel that are currently not regulated.

Ingo Puhl, Managing Director of 500 PPM noted: “The purchased offsets are ‘retired’ and taken out of circulation. The money the public pays goes back to a local community or business that created and sold the offsets and can help fund more environmentally friendly (and lower emission) development projects.”

The emission offsets available for purchase on the website all have direct benefits to the local community and have been sourced by (CO2e), the leading global environmental brokerage firm.

“CO2e is pleased to be part of this initiative and to be able to bring innovative, community-driven emission reducing projects to a global audience,” said Steve Drummond, CEO of CO2e.

During the Earth Summit, German based 500 PPM also launched a broader website specifically for the German marketplace ( is based on the notions that:

– climate change is the unwanted consequence of every day decisions of individuals/people who, as they go about their lives and professions contribute to global climate change and who, if given an easy-to-use option to reduce this footprint on the global environment will choose to do so,

– a large number of organisations will invest in more sustainable and climate-friendly technologies and practices that generate verifiable emission reductions if they are given financial incentive and access to a market that demanded these reductions, and

– the Kyoto Protocol alone does not deliver the amount of climate protection that is required to reduce climate change to a sustainable level.

The German Ministry for Environment (BMU) as well as Germanwatch supported this fair trade approach for the protection of the global climate. Both offset the CO2 emissions that were created as a result of their delegation’s travel to the World Summit in Johannesburg. “The CO2 emissions that we emit by flying to Johannesburg, we help to offset locally in South Africa”, said Minister Trittin, the German Environment Minister. The delegations purchased and retired the verified emission reductions from an energy cost optimised housing construction programme for low-income families in South African townships through the website.

About 500 PPM
Headquartered in Hanover, Germany, 500 PPM offers its clients innovative products and services designed to make global climate protection simple, cost-effective, and transparent. At a click of a button, environment-conscious consumers and responsible businesses are able to offset their footprints on the climate, view the standards used to quantify greenhouse gas emissions, and access detailed information about the emissions-saving projects.

For more information, visit or contact Ingo Puhl at

About CO2e (CO2e) – – delivers market-based solutions to help companies manage the opportunities and risks of climate change:

* Environmental brokerage
* Emissions neutral solutions
* Trading and risk management tools
* Advice and market information

The Cantor Fitzgerald Group founded CO2e in November 2000, as an offshoot of its successful Environmental Brokerage Services (EBS) division of Cantor Fitzgerald Brokerage L.P. In Europe CO2e operates as a division of Cantor Fitzgerald International and globally, it has offices in London, New York, Toronto and Sydney.

For more information about CO2e visit or contact Steve Drummond at +44 20 7894 8333.

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