US energy management, control and communications company GRID2020 has announced that it will work with India’s Taurus Infoworld to provide Indian utilities with real-time, two-way smart grid communications networks to help them meet the country’s surging demand for energy.

Chandrashekhar Ogale, director of Taurus Infoworld, said: “Our vision of bringing life-changing services and solutions such as high-speed broadband and smart grid capabilities to the fast-growing Indian market, electrical utilities and urban and rural under-served populations in India will be achieved as a result of our strategic alliance with GRID2020.”

He said that the solutions and technologies available will give utilities a variety of capabilities, including improving internal energy system efficiencies, identifying theft, cutting operating and capital costs, as well as remotely monitoring, gathering and controlling real-time data on energy use.

The BPL communications technology will also allow utilities to provide high-speed Internet services.

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