Moixa passes 10k smart battery milestone in Japan

Moixa, the UK-based pioneer of smart battery and EV charging software, has announced that its GridShare smart software is optimising 100MWh of batteries across 10,000 homes in Japan.

This is believed to be the largest single fleet of batteries under management in the world.

The milestone was achieved within one year of launching the GridShare Japan service with its partner ITOCHU, the Fortune 500 company. The partnership has resulted in ITOCHU’s share of the domestic battery market rising to nearly 20 per cent.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: “We want to accelerate the global transition to a zero-carbon energy system. Smart charging of batteries in homes and electric vehicles provides the critical tool to help achieve decarbonisation by storing and shifting solar and wind-resources. At the same time, it helps save money for consumers and reduce infrastructure cost.”

Moixa’s GridShare software enables aggregation and smart charging of batteries to grid signals. This provides additional value from aggregating battery fleets to provide GWh scale virtual power plants to help balance the grid.

Moixa’s experience gained from managing large fleets of bi-directional batteries provides a blueprint for how to smart charge fleets of batteries and apply the technology to smart charge electric vehicles or any “battery on wheels”.

Koji Hasegawa, general manager of Industrial Chemicals Department of ITOCHU said: “Our customers are getting extra value from their batteries with Moixa’s GridShare software. It’s enabling them to maximise their solar resources and prepare for weather risk.”

In March 2019, Honda and Moixa unveiled a partnership to deliver an energy management solutions business for Europe that creates increased value for EV customers and power system operators, due to be rolled out in 2020.

Furthermore, Honda has selected Moixa as its European smart charging partner to leverage this experience to support the rapid growth of electric vehicles across Europe. Moixa has also launched a smart battery partnership in Ireland with Energia.

AI: saving money and cutting carbon

Moixa’s GridShare software embeds artificial intelligence into home batteries and EV chargers. By learning energy consumption patterns and developing tailored charging plans for each household and vehicle battery, GridShare saves customers money and helps reduce their carbon emissions, by optimising daily and to real-time markets.

By enabling fleets of assets to react to various signals, such as pricing or constraints, it also provides valuable flexibility services to local energy networks, enabling improved economics to partners and customers, and a cleaner, smarter energy system.

Moixa has gathered and analysed over 50 terabytes of data to date on household consumption, generation patterns, weather predictions, energy tariff costs, battery performance and savings, enabling increasingly accurate predictions and improved battery optimisation.

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