Micro-CHP adds 38 MW of capacity worldwide in 2006

Japan remains the only market where a micro-CHP product designed for single family homes is widely available, says Delta. The ECOWILL product, driven by a 1 kW Honda internal combustion engine, is now sold by all major Japanese gas companies, and over 40,000 units have been installed since the product was launched in 2003. Elsewhere, Germany shows the most activity, through sales of the SenerTec DACHS and Ecopower products. These products, rated at 5 kW and also built around internal combustion engines, are best suited for multi-family homes and small businesses.

A newly completed 600 kW photovoltaic system is delivering power to Estee Lauder’s manufacturing operation in Oakland, New Jersey, US. The project marks one of New Jersey’s largest rooftop-mounted solar installations, as well the largest third-party solar energy supply contract in the state.

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