Webcast recording: Leveraging Totex and Value in Asset Planning

Planning in the context of Totex and Value is a new world for most. Historically most of us have drawn from separate buckets of capital spend (Capex) and operational spend (Opex), without necessarily tying these together in a whole-of-life total expenditure (Totex) view.

Similarly, many plans have been based on asset condition or risk, whereas our assets are primarily meant to generate value – which should be a key metric to decide when and how much to spend.

Not only do these new concepts require a platform to manage, but they also require a new approach to planning including organisational alignment and behaviours.

Watch this webinar to learn:

ࢀ¢ How to leverage Totex to gain better whole-of-life cost insights

ࢀ¢ Understand how to determine the overall value derived from assets and projects

ࢀ¢ Reach optimal decisions by combining Totex and Value

ࢀ¢ What this means for your organisation


Martin Kerr, Structured Change

Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf

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