Lahmeyer consults for Bakun hydro

Lahmeyer International has been engaged for the hydropower plant planning and preparation of contract documents for the construction and supply lots for the 2,400-MW Bakun hydropower project in Sarawak, Malaysia. The 205-meter (m)-high dam on the Balui River upstream of the town of Belaga will be the highest concrete-faced,d rock-fill dam in the world. Eight 700-m-long pressure tunnels lead to the powerhouse with eight 300-MW generating units, which will have an average annual output of 16,800 GWh. Power transmission to the consumer areas on the Malaysian Peninsula will be achieved via the longest high-voltage, direct-current transmission line in the world, with a 650-kilometer-long section of 500-kV sea cable below the South China Sea and an overhead transmission line to Kuala Lumpur. Over the past 16 years, Lahmeyer International has been involved in all phases of the Bakun Project, which is expected to reach completion in 2003. Award of the contract to a general contractor for the turnkey plant is expected in mid-1996